8 March 2012

February Birthday Makes...

February is the month of two very special Birthdays, my Fiance Jamie on the 20th & my big Sister Linda on the 21st.
For Jamie's Birthday I made him this lush Carrot Cake, it is such a good recipe & each time the cake is very moist. I got it from the baking magic book, so many delicious recipe's inside its...a great buy.

It was my Sisters big 3 0 this year so along with a lovely white gold ring and a flying lesson in a Tiger Moth from all the family, I also made her this one of a kind embellished tee.



10 January 2012

Christmas Baked Goodies

Happy New Year Lovely Bloggers!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas & New Year?
I know its been a couple of weeks now since Christmas but I have been so busy trying to get my wedding planning back on track. I have only just remembered to post my Christmas baking achievements, so here goes...

Christmas Biscuits
Before Christmas I made these yummy Shortbread Biscuits in the shapes of stars and Christmas trees for all the family as part of their Christmas presents. They were really easy to make and my lovely Fiance helped me decorate them - who would have thought he would be good a decorating biscuits, I actually think he was a bit better than me, but we won't tell him that! I then packed 6 biscuits into each box with a gift label on and there you have it my/our Christmas Shortbread Biscuits. x

Next up..........

Homemade Mince Pies
We all went to my Mum's new bungalow for Christmas this year, So my contribution was these delicious homemade mince pies... OK OK I did cheat a little I made them from ready rolled pastry and mince meat from a Jar, but in my defence I had so much to do before Christmas day, I didn't have the time or the patience to make them from scratch. They still tasted just as good though and looked fab with their star tops. mmm I could actually eat one of them right now....yum!

and Finally....

My Mum's New Years Birthday Cake
It was my Mum's Birthday on New Years Eve and I wanted to treat her to lunch and then afternoon tea at mine. So my Mum was joined by me, Jamie (the Fiance) My sister, Dave, My Dad & my Auntie Sue for a lovely lunch in a little pub called the Cross Keys in Totternhoe. This pub was so cute and sold amazing paintings by a local artist who lived next door. I loved one of her paintings so much my mum bought me an amazing zebra one for my birthday this month...watch this space and I will post a photo when I receive it from my mum... Thanks Mum :)
Anyway after lunch everyone came back to our flat for afternoon tea, which meant I got a chance to use my tea set given to me by my Mum who inherited it from my Great Auntie Nan and my Cake stand which I got in the bargain bin at Ikea..Result!
The cake I made for my Mum is lemon cake (as she loves lemon flavoured desserts) even the butter cream icing was lemon flavoured and sandwiched with lemon curd. I can happily say she liked it, so I am sure I will be making it again. One day I hope to take after my Grandma Rees and make Cakes as good as this......

Wasn't she good? wish I had learnt from her when I was younger. x

12 December 2011

* Handmade Christmas Stockings *

My FiancĂ© & I are a bit short of money this Christmas (I'm sure we are all feeling the pinch this year!) and we are frantically saving for our wedding next year, which is becoming increasingly expensive... eeek! Anyway to save us some money we decided we wouldn't buy each other any big presents and instead just give small gifts in a Christmas stocking. Neither of us owned a stocking and I didn't like any I saw in the shops so decided to make our own personalised stockings out of calico and red felt. I am very pleased with the end result and hopefully they will stay with us for many years. Now all I have to do is fill Jamie's stocking with gifts. x

Night Shades Lace Belt

This "Night Shades" lace belt is made from Black lace with a bit of gold shimmer and with the added Gold buttons and brooches it has a bit of an antique feel to it. This would go great with a little black dress for any of your Christmas events. x

9 December 2011

Twinkled Crochet Bags

I have had these Gold & Black crochet bags for a while now and I just didn't know what to do with them, they just looked quite boring. So I decided to jazz them up a bit with the use of some ribbon & bows and added some ribbon straps. They look much better now and are perfect to use on a night out. x

Black & Gold Lace Top

This is the newest addition to my embellished tops, using black & gold lace with gold buttons and beads. Ideal for jazzing up any jean & t-shirt combo and can be worn from day into evening with a pair of black or gold heels... Fab x