28 June 2010

Emma Elizabeth Earring Collection

Since making all my necklaces I decided to make earrings too, Some of them very cute and quirky like my "Cute Lady Bug" earrings and my little "Sailing Boat" earrings. My most recent Earring creations are:
Baseball Button earrings, Very Berry Strawberry earrings, Lady Bug earrings, Sea Shells by the Sea Shore earrings, Purple Feathers earrings & Feathery Feathers earrings.
Prices range from £12.

My Collection of Necklaces so far...

After making my first necklace "Nautical but Nice" I really got into it and I have now made 9 in total. These are all made with pretty beads, ribbons, chains & cords. I have given them each an individual name as follows:
Pretty Pinks, Beads & Bows, Monochrome Beads, Hello Sailor,Tribal Glamour, Tortoise Shell Beads, Cracked Orange Beaded Necklace and Cracked Turquoise Beaded Necklace.
Prices Range from £20.

Emma Elizabeth Home Wares

I have always been into interior design as well as fashion design So I decided to start making my own home wares collection as well as my accessories collection. I started with these lovely embellished African theme cushions, which I love because they are unique and very colourful. I started with the fabric that I found in my fabric and trims cupboard, it was one of the many bits of fabric I have collected over the years and I have always wanted to use for something. I then cut it into 4 cushion patterns, sew them together and embellished them with coloured sequins which took forever to sew each one on individually but it was worth it. These cushions also have different fastenings just to make them a bit more unique, The African Wave cushions have a button fastenings at the back with lovely red textured buttons and the African Head cushions are fastened with bright red satin ribbons tied in bows along the top.
These are for sale at the Moment if anyone is interested in buying these unique cushions, prices range from £25.

24 June 2010

Nautical but Nice necklace

This is the first necklace I made for my accessories collection, My boyfriend helped me name it "Nautical but Nice". It fits in well with this summers nautical trend. I used a mixture of cord, silver chain, satin ribbon, pearls, metal rings and nautical style buttons. I love this necklace as it started me off and now I have a whole collection of hand made one of a kind necklaces as I will show you in my next couple of blogs.

My Friends Winter Wedding

My Friend Lisa got married last December and as one of her faithful bridesmaids she asked me to make a few things for her and of course I was happy to help. I made all these lovely fur Stoles with satin bows for us older bridesmaids and little fur muffs for the younger bridesmaids (yes she had 8 bridesmaids). I also made some pouch bags with the left over bridesmaid dress fabric and more satin ribbon, very handy for your lipgloss or tissues.
If your interested in having any of these made for your wedding, just contact me.

Fascinating Fascinators

Last year I had quite a few weddings to go to and I had a couple of lovely dresses that I wanted to accessorise with fascinators, however when I searched round all the shops I couldn't find a single one that matched my dresses, So I decided to make my own.
I made a turquoise and bright pink one and a purple one as you can see. I got loads of compliments on these at the weddings that I attended. If anyone is interested in having one made to match their outfit please feel free to contact me, prices range from £15.

My Job now..

I Now work for a fashion supplier called The Fielding Group, I started in December 2007 as a assistant designer for ladieswear and I am now a girls sleepwear designer. I really love designing girlswear as I can use bright colours, quirky graphics and the samples always look cute. I'm designing at the moment for M&S & BHS spring/Summer 11. So hopefully I will see my PJ designs in stores this time next year.

My Travels

After returning from Kuwait, I went to visit my boyfriend who was travelling around the world. I met up with him in Australia and we travelled around the east coast for a couple of months before I had to come home and find a new job.
Australia was so lovely, I enjoyed every day there and found it very inspirational especially when we went to make our own didgeridoo's with an Australian family, I decorated mine in an aboriginal style with lots of dots that make up images. I found this technique really interesting and when I got home I made 2 photo albums and a boomerang in the same way which now have there place on our coffee table.
While we were staying in Sydney with my Boyfriends Uncle & Aunt we went to Paddington market just down the road from their house, this market sold loads of crafty bits and beautiful clothing and accessories that people had made, I love these types of markets and one day hope to be living in Sydney and selling my creations at this very same market. (I can only dream).

River Island Beach Collection

In summer 2007 River Island bought one of my prints to use on a beach collection to promote Graduate Fashion week 2007. The Collection included a bikini, flip flops & beach bag and they looked amazing. I managed to get a couple of each for free so I could keep a set forever. It felt so good to go into one of my favourite high street stores and say that's my design. The collection also got a lot of press and featured in the following magazines: Elle, Reveal, Look,
The Independent,

My First Ever Design Job

During Graduate fashion week I was offered an Interview with a kuwait fashion brand called Anotah, who saw my collection on the catwalk. I really didn't think I would get the Job of Assistant Designer for girlswear but 2 weeks later they offered it to me, then I had to make the difficult decision to move to Kuwait or stay at home and look for other Jobs, my theory was if I don't go and at least give it a try I would regret it.
So in July 2006 I moved out to Kuwait and started my first design Job, it was difficult at first being a blond girl I got a lot of unwanted attention but I got used to it and started to enjoy myself.
It is such a different way of life out there and their fashion is very different. They love bright colours and lots of bling, which made designing very exciting and for Kids clothing they don't have so many restrictions as the UK does. The one thing I had to remember was that in the middle east the girls have to cover up so if we designed a skirt and short sleeve top we would then have to design leggings and a long sleeve top to be worn underneath.
One of the things I really liked in Kuwait (apart from the sun shining every day) was the fabric souq's (market's) they had the most amazing fabrics and trims for sale and it was very inspirational before I left to come home after a year I took an empty suitcase and filled it with lots of fabrics and trims to take home, So I could make some lovely things.
These are my cushions and wall hangings that I made for myself from some beautiful fabric I bought at the fabric souq.

Final Collection - Egyptomania

My Final collection at University was one of my biggest achievements. I made a collection of 6 ladies outfits based on my inspiration of Egypt. All the Fabric I used started life as a plain white length and I dyed, screen printed, digital printed and embroidered everything to get the finished result, I even made necklaces, headbands & bracelets to complete the look.
I then got to show my collection on the catwalk at Graduate Fashion week in London where I won the Zandra Rhodes catwalk textiles award. This was very exciting especially being presented the award by Zandra Rhodes herself who I have always admired for her colourful textiles.
After the show one of my designs was featured on the cover of Drapers magazine which looked amazing as you can see to the right of this page and I was listed as one of the Top 15 young designers to look out for on the Vogue website... very exciting.

BA (Hons) Textiles for Fashion

In 2006 I Graduated from Northampton university with a 2:1 BA (Hons) in Textiles for Fashion. I loved this course and during my 3 years there I achieved a lot. here are a couple of my achievements while at Uni:
In year 2 I took part in a competition to design and make a collection of leather baby booties for Daisy Roots and came 3rd with my sweet flower babies collection, meaning I could do a few days work experience with them.
In my final year while working hard putting my final collection together I entered a competition to design a kids hat, scarf & gloves for the British Glove Association and to my amazement I came 1st with my Bunny hat, scarf & gloves.