24 June 2010

My First Ever Design Job

During Graduate fashion week I was offered an Interview with a kuwait fashion brand called Anotah, who saw my collection on the catwalk. I really didn't think I would get the Job of Assistant Designer for girlswear but 2 weeks later they offered it to me, then I had to make the difficult decision to move to Kuwait or stay at home and look for other Jobs, my theory was if I don't go and at least give it a try I would regret it.
So in July 2006 I moved out to Kuwait and started my first design Job, it was difficult at first being a blond girl I got a lot of unwanted attention but I got used to it and started to enjoy myself.
It is such a different way of life out there and their fashion is very different. They love bright colours and lots of bling, which made designing very exciting and for Kids clothing they don't have so many restrictions as the UK does. The one thing I had to remember was that in the middle east the girls have to cover up so if we designed a skirt and short sleeve top we would then have to design leggings and a long sleeve top to be worn underneath.
One of the things I really liked in Kuwait (apart from the sun shining every day) was the fabric souq's (market's) they had the most amazing fabrics and trims for sale and it was very inspirational before I left to come home after a year I took an empty suitcase and filled it with lots of fabrics and trims to take home, So I could make some lovely things.
These are my cushions and wall hangings that I made for myself from some beautiful fabric I bought at the fabric souq.

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