24 June 2010

My Travels

After returning from Kuwait, I went to visit my boyfriend who was travelling around the world. I met up with him in Australia and we travelled around the east coast for a couple of months before I had to come home and find a new job.
Australia was so lovely, I enjoyed every day there and found it very inspirational especially when we went to make our own didgeridoo's with an Australian family, I decorated mine in an aboriginal style with lots of dots that make up images. I found this technique really interesting and when I got home I made 2 photo albums and a boomerang in the same way which now have there place on our coffee table.
While we were staying in Sydney with my Boyfriends Uncle & Aunt we went to Paddington market just down the road from their house, this market sold loads of crafty bits and beautiful clothing and accessories that people had made, I love these types of markets and one day hope to be living in Sydney and selling my creations at this very same market. (I can only dream).

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