24 June 2010

Final Collection - Egyptomania

My Final collection at University was one of my biggest achievements. I made a collection of 6 ladies outfits based on my inspiration of Egypt. All the Fabric I used started life as a plain white length and I dyed, screen printed, digital printed and embroidered everything to get the finished result, I even made necklaces, headbands & bracelets to complete the look.
I then got to show my collection on the catwalk at Graduate Fashion week in London where I won the Zandra Rhodes catwalk textiles award. This was very exciting especially being presented the award by Zandra Rhodes herself who I have always admired for her colourful textiles.
After the show one of my designs was featured on the cover of Drapers magazine which looked amazing as you can see to the right of this page and I was listed as one of the Top 15 young designers to look out for on the Vogue website... very exciting.

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  1. You're a very talented young woman and I love your use of colour and texture. Stunning. Really well done!!